Friday, October 24, 2008


The Sixth Annual Cedars Open Studios Tour is on Saturday, November 22, 2008, from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Dozens of artists open their studios to the public, giving visitors a chance to really experience a creative, evolving neighborhood, rich in art, history, dining and entertainment. It’s a chance to meet the artists of the Cedars, and to see where they work, and what they create. The Cedars is located just south of downtown and I-30, between Lamar and I-45. Visit our website for a map of the tour and more information.

Free hayride shuttles are available; a fun and convenient way to visit the studios. Free parking is provided by South Side on Lamar, Corinth Park, and any artist studio. The DART Cedars Station is walking distance to South Side On Lamar.

For cycling enthusiasts, there is also a bike tour. Muster at the gates of Dallas Heritage Village at 10:00 am and/or at 2:00 pm for a bike tour of the Cedars Open Studios, guided by neighborhood locals.

The event culminates with a sunset performance art piece titled “Decorating the Tree” by renowned glass blower, Jim Bowman, at his studio, located at 1419 Griffin Street. Visit for information on after-tour events.

Art and artists, along with the times, are always changing, new materials to work with, new experiences, new ideas = art in evolution.

If you’ve never been to the Cedars, now is a great chance to learn about the neighborhood – an evolving work of art in itself.

The Cedars has a colorful history. As one of the first areas settled in Dallas, fertile land led to nearby cotton fields, which led to a booming textile industry. Business thrived and many of the streets were lined with beautiful Victorian homes — it was an area where many people lived and worked. Eventually, industry took over and the homes vanished. With changing times and growing suburbs, the area declined; but now with the visions of urban pioneers, real estate developers and growth of public transportation and city support, the area is experiencing a major urban renewal.

The Cedars is quickly evolving into a major eclectic music mecca and nightspot with many popular music venues, restaurants, clubs and bars. A residential boom is also underway, with lofts, condominiums and other alternative spaces popping up in new construction and renovated buildings.

Plan to stop for lunch and/or dinner at one of the great restaurants that sponsor this event, stay the evening and listen to some great music!